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So I'm about to finish the last mission and figured now would be a great time to figure out if there would have been a better way to load my games up to this point. ;) When I start the game, I first get a hi res splash screen, then the Interplay logo comes up and the music begins. Once I skip past this the game immediately starts the first episode "Demon World". I then have to skip past the intro dialog of that mission so I can open the options menu and load my game.

I have never seen a main menu, nor have I found a keyboard shortcut to jump right into loading a game before Demon World starts. Like I said, I'm just about done with game, which I've enjoyed immensely, but I'm really curious if I've been starting my games ass backwards up to this point. Thoughts?
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No, that's just how it is.
Thanks for asking and thanks for the answer! Was wondering this as well.
Keyboard short cuts are your only real option im afraid