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*Warning, minimal spoilers ahead*

This game's final battle difficulty is completely out of place, after many tries i found a way to going out alive, still, its not an easy feat but its doable, this is how i did it:

1. Push the key F3 just as the battle begins, right click on kirk and make a new save.

2. Load that save (so the cursor is re-centered)

3. Push "w" to ready the weapons, "s" to raise shields and "1" so we can reduce the speed to 0 making our ship to turn tighter, you should do this fast, you can raise your shields between steps 5 and 6 if you feel you are not fast enough.

4. If we made these steps fast enough the enemy ship should be on the center of our screen and starts to move, follow the enemy ship with your cursor firing with both mouse buttons aiming ahead of it, you should hit five or more times.

5. After the enemy ship disapears by the edge of the screen you should move your ship positioning your cursor to the opposite side.

6. when the enemy ship is halfway from reaching you (you can see this on the radar when the green dot is in the radar's inner circle) start to reduce your turning starting to move your cursor to the center of the screen, when you see the enemy ship unload all your fire power just like in step 4. until the ship dissapears again by the edge.

7. By now a message will pop up telling us two enemy ships are joining the fight, ignore them for now and repeat the steps 5. and 6. until the first ship is destroyed, the enemy ship will start to move slower and firing less as it gets damaged, when destroyed a music will be played.

8. Now you only have two ships to deal with, select one dot in the radar and do the same you did to destroy the first ship, you can speed up your ship with the keyboard numbers to avoid enemy fire and complete the repairs.

9. Destroy it and go for the last ship and thats it, you won the game.

10. Live long and prosper!.

You will have to try a bunch of times, be patient.
You have to destroy the first ship fast or the combined firepower of the three ships will overpower your defenses.
Do not waste time if things go wrong reload your save.
You can make a new save during the battle if things are going right.
Remember to press "d" to prioritize repairs, our top priority will be phasers followed by shields and torpedoes.