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i'm at the Feathered Serpent Mission and i'm stuck in this "Test of Live" Puzzle after the klingon-court.
I opened the door of the cave with the help of Uhura, but i than face an red energy ball which i can't pass.
If i shoot at it there will be an radioactive blast, and all is lost.
In every walkthrough / lets play i read/watched this section isn't in the game, they are going directly from the door to the
next puzzle (crystals on a table).

Can anyone help me out?
I've enclosed an screenshot, maybe someone do remember the screen.

img_5323.jpg (137 Kb)
Post edited December 27, 2020 by hotte76
It's solved.
I replayed from an older savegame and the ball wasn't there anymore.
Before you open the door with the help of Uhura you can tell her to send 2 Codes instead of just the one for the doorlock.
When you choose this, there is no ball behind the door and you will get straight to the crystal puzzle.

So it must be an programmed "Dead-End" if you fail to choose the right discussion with Uhura.