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Changelog for update 2.0.0 / GOG-3 (Windows) / GOG-4 (Linux) (added 28 April 2016):

- Added a number of new post processing graphics options, including Bloom, Godrays and Chromatic Aberration.
- Many many more improvements to shaders and and lighting to improve graphics quality
- The visual surface of planets is now actually rendered to match the biome tile grid from the planet overlay. City lights will automatically appear where buildings are!

- The AI has received numerous improvements to how it plays the game. Please report any bugs you find in its new behavior!
- You can now determine whether an AI is aggressive, passive and biased against humans separately from difficulty.
- You can now set the particular ways an AI cheats and how much it cheats at them

- The open tabs, quickbars, and camera location are now saved and restored when you load a game.
- Improved the planet requirement UI on the bottom left of the planet overlay.
- Added a Replace tool to the ship designer that replaces the subsystem you click on the design with the type of subsystem you have selected while keeping the same size.

Races & FTLs:
- Mechanoid population above 1 now provides 2 labor, but population above the maximum no longer provides any.
- Tweaked the income values of mechanoid planets over population so they don't jump up and down as much.
- Fling Beacons now cost FTL energy to construct and have a small FTL upkeep.
- Tweaked the cost and duration of opening slipstreams based on the size of the generator.

Notable Fixes:
- Fixed exploit for exporting labor more than once.
- Fixed exploit with Frugal trait where planets could be Level 2 without any tier 1 resources.
Has anyone tried the new Patch 2.0.2 yet?
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Changelog for patch 2.0.2 / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-6 (Linux) (added 07 December 2016):

- Fix The First's Lab building consuming more Ore than it said in the description. It now correctly consumes 0.5 Ore/s (was 2 Ore/s).
- Fix Carpet Bomb description strings not being localizable.
- Increase cooldown of Skip Drive ability to 45 (was 20).
- Skip Drive and Ion Cannon artifacts equipped to ships now only grant 1 use per artifact, rather than a permanent ability.
- Buff Skip Drive and Ion Cannon subsystem stats so they require less space on the ship to be useful.
- Add bindable hotkeys for Open Planet Management, Open Support Management and Deploy Defense Reserve.
- Fix flagships with only Flak Batteries counting as civilian ships (Flak now counts towards DPS and strength).
- Fix Pulse Bolt range incorrectly scaling with ship blueprint size instead of actual ship physical radius.
- Choosing Sublight now replaces FTL Generation technologies on the research grid with Thrust improvements.
- Fix an issue that could grant bugged amounts of influence when failing to purchase designs with influence costs.
- Fix Museums and other unremovable buildings getting stuck in an incomplete state if canceled from the construction queue before completion.
- Fix AI fleets rarely getting stuck in an FTL charge-up loop.
- Fix Moon Bases adding their 2 max population immediately when they start construction, instead of when the construction finishes.
- Fix "Fill From" toggle on Outposts not correctly allowing fleets to automatically refill support ships from it.
- Fix Conflicts in race traits not correctly displaying as conflicting in the race customization menu.
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just fyi that the current game patch on Gog version is 2.0.3 not 2.0.2
you need to get this update from the in game updater