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ussnorway: is it possible to post this save game somewhere for testing?
[url= ships.sr2] ships.sr2[/url]

When you load the game, the map should be centred on a fleet of 8 ships. If not, they are at 9 o'clock from the centre of the map, 2 systems in from the rim.

Once you have found the ships, move them to Tilm system which is at 8 o'clock from the fleet, 2 systems over, and containing 1 Ancient City, 2 barren planets and 2 ore asteroids.

Have fun!
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[url= ships.sr2] ships.sr2[/url]
your link needed work.
I tested your game file and imo the orange beams are what does the deed and the counter is to MOVE around... think mounted combat and run around in a circle with your target system in the middle

p.s, the fact that you can't build them does not stop them being used by others.

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The orange noodles don't seem to have any effect on my ships. Besides, there aren't any Particle Lances in Tilm system, nor do any fire in from the neighbours.

It's the Warhead that does it.

Try (if you haven't got bored yet) FTL jumping those ships into Tilm to a position about 7 o'clock from the sun so that the doesn't obscure the ship that has the Warhead.

When the ships jump in, hit pause and find the Warhead ship. It's about 3 o'clock from the sun, near the edge of the system and shaped like a crab's claw.

While it is still turning to bring its other weapons to bear, it will fire a single missile. It's a blue glowing object that moves very slowly. Track it.

When it hits, the target will explode, along with any other ships within 3 to 4 small grid squares.

Now what I'm after is help on how to disable it.
The outer star system like Kampalize has them and your design leaves you vulnerable because a single line can cross so many of your controls... As for the warhead ship, I recommend you sacrifice a support station artifact to draw its fire as you jump in then kill it first
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Firgof: Howdy folks!

I'm Firgof, one of the three developers at Blind Mind Studios, LLC. who've developed this here game. Figured I'd open up a thread for y'all to toss questions at us if you want to figure out parts of the game (e.g. 'why is my research/sec lower than what I expect it to be') , need support with your modding, or have questions in general about the engine/game.

Let 'em loose and I'll answer any questions quick as I'm able!
Hi Firgof, thanks for a great game and i'm just sorry this seemed to pass most people by, i've only found out about it myself (thanks to a friend that got it on Steam) and by ye gods, what a complex and fresh addition to the 4x space empire genre you and your team have created :)

I've been using an online AAR to help guide me beyond the games tutorial and there is just so much to learn, and then some. It's fantastic :D

So after trying a couple of games i've sort of had a gut feeling i needed to mod/adjust the game set up some how.

The gut feeling i'm having is that due to the base nature of FTL travel, that nearly all the races have access to at game start, the game galaxy can feel pretty small (on default settings). So i have a few questions around this aspect:


I'm trying to reduce the range of the starting FTL options OR create more widely spaced galaxies to slow down expansion/scouting. Edit: The FTL range issue was on version 2.0.1 (r5089). Edit: Since updating to v 2.0.2 (r5094) the FTL range thing is still an issue. On the default game settings for the spiral galaxy (60 stars, spacing: 6500 etc) it is possible to cross the entire galaxy after 2 mins of game start using hyperdrive FTL!

1. Do you have advice on how to generate a galaxy to make the FTL drives not seem over-powered? Did you playtest different parameters here and if so why did you end up with the default spacing at 6500 and default FTL storage at 250?

2. How does adding extra galaxies to the game work (how do you travel between them for example). What does the 'Flatten' option do in this galaxy generation screen?

If the larger system spacing is an issue perhaps for the AI players then maybe i can 'mod' some of the base data?

I have tried to reduce the default (for all races?) starting FTL storage data that is at 250. On the game default settings (for that 60 system 3 races game) i can easily cross the whole galaxy in one jump, so wanted to make that harder to do, aiming to make it something you build upto via the research tree etc.

data/resources/scalable/FTL.txt has some data for that and 'AddFTLStorage (250)' has been set to 100 (to test out).

data/buildings/imperial/FTLStorage.txt has also been changed from '250' default to '100'. I play as the Terrakin.

There is an FTLStorage.txt in data/orbitals/special and a DevFTL.text in data/research/developments but these seem like extra capacity from research and development rather than things that effect the base starting FTL storage stat.

Anyway with the changes above i still get the basic 250 base FTL storage, so that value must be held in other files that i have not been able to track down.

Do you have any suggestions on where i can look to change this game start FTL storage variable and if it relates to a specific race or government type i should probably change all these values so no one race/government type has a game start advantage?


3. If i wanted to create a spiral galaxy option that had a range of wider Z (depth) options to the star placements how would i do that? Basically i like the spiral galaxy the most but it looks very flat and uniform and i'd love to create one that had some random 'thickness' on the 'Z' axis, and varied distance between stars on the X+Y axis. Is that possible?

4. Is there a way to not see the Galactic Senate proposals pop-up icon in the bottom right of the screen? Especially in relation to having not yet met any other races? If not that last option (which probably requires coding) then i'd be happy to not have the icon updates at all and rely on the dimplomacy tab.

Any pointers on this would be gratefully received :)
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I worked out most of the first 2 questions and will post what you need to change just in case others want to reduce the ease of galactic travel via FTL. The process effects many files so make a backup of any game files before you start. I will post the file path in bold first, then details of the changes:

Star Ruler 2/data/resources/scalable/FTL.txt:

IfType (Planet, AddFTLIncome (+0.1)) - default was +1.0
IfType (Planet, AddFTLStorage (+50)) - default was +250

IfLevel1 (+0.2) - default was +0.4
IfLevel2 (+0.3) - default was +0.5
IfLevel3 (+0.5) - default was +1.0

IfLevel 4+ 5 i have left as default to aid the mid and later game where more fleets are used.

Star Ruler 2/data/buildings/imperial/FTLStorage.txt:

AddFTLStorage (50) - default was 250
IfNative (FTL, AddFTLStorage (50)) - default was 250

Star Ruler 2/data/buildings/traits/FTLBreeder.txt:

AddFTLIncome (0.1) - default was 0.35

Star Ruler 2/data/orbitals/special/FTLStorage.txt:

AddFTLStorage (50) - default was 300

Star Ruler 2/data/research/developments/DevFTL.txt:

both values of 250 were changed to 50.

Star Ruler 2/data/resources/asteroids/AsteroidFTL.txt:

AddFTLIncome (+0.1) - default was +1.0
AddPermanentFTLStorage (+50) - default was +100

Star Ruler 2/data/research/heralds_dlc/upgrades/FTL.txt:

AddFTLIncome (0.1) - default was 0.5

I also added this line right below:

AddFTLStorage (50)

So after researching the FTL tunning in the tech tree you also get that +50 to your base FTL storage capacity. Options for this did not exist in the tech tree and allowing the player to slowly build up that storage seems nice.

Star Ruler 2/scripts/server/

[line 32]: emp.modFTLCapacity (+50) - default was +250
[line 33]: emp modFTLIncome (+0.1) - default was +1.0

This covers most of it (if playing the Terrakin and wanting a slower FTL path). There are other files that cover some of the other forms of FTL and you can look to change the values to something as above, these other files are:

Star Ruler 2/data/traits/ftl/Flux.txt

Star Ruler 2/data/traits/government/Theocracy.txt

I also reduced the range of the Jumpdrive to 30000 (was 170000) and Slipsteam to 15000 (was 30000) in these files:

Star Ruler 2/data/subsystems/fagships/ftl/Jumpdrive.txt

Star Ruler 2/data/subsystems/fagships/ftl/Slipstream.txt

Various changes to the text in game to reflect the changes above can be made in the files found in:

Star Ruler 2/locales/english

So for example you can show the additional +50 FTL storage you get in the tech tree for the FTL tunning tech option.


Ideally i'd aim to work towards all races starting with sublight travel at game start then open up the various FTL options via the tech tree and racial types. That is quite a big change and may not be possible, but overall the changes to FTL travel from the tweaks above give you a slower game start, making it much harder to fly across the galaxy in the early game, and requiring you to really invest in FTL storage to build your reserves for when you have a decent number of ships around.
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