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Although the minimum specs reported are rather vague for the video card, some sources indicate a video card with 1 GB should be sufficient to run Star Control: Origins (although not optimal).

I think buyers should beware: some older video cards are definitely unsupported, even if they do meet this 1 GB mark... my (admittedly 10-year-old, but formerly high-end) Radeon 4800-series, for instance; likewise the GeForce GTS 250. It looks like the solution is to buy a newer card, which I won't be doing any time soon.

No big deal, SC will just molder on my shelf, but I do wish the specs said something more substantial than the current "Intel Integrated 520 or equivalent". Equivalent in what way? No card not using the same chipset is going to be truly "equivalent" across the board. What are the actual requirements, what capabilities are needed to run this game?
Post edited August 16, 2019 by legraf