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Hi, I'm experiencing a very strange issue with SCO.
I have a new rig, with RTX2080 card.
Win10 latest updates installed (at least to my knowledge, will double check today).
I use my LG OLED B7 55" TV as my monitor.
PC is connected with a short AudioQuest HDMI cable to TV.

I enabled (after a few tries) the Win10 HDR for games and apps option. Then I tried to run a bunch of games that I have from GOG.

When I start SCO the all my input devices stop working in the game - my usb keyboard and mouse and my bluetooth keyboard and mouse set. I cannot skip the video intro, and I cannot use any menus in the game.

I can still Alt+Tab from the game, or any other Alt+ windows functions, so I can get out of it or close it, but I cannot play it.

When I disable HDR it works fine, and even on the highest resolution (4k) with all settings set to top it gets 60+fps in the game.

Any ideas?
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