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Just bought them both. What should I start play first? What are differences between them? Is it worth to play first games in both series or it would be better to dive right into second installments?
Post edited May 05, 2013 by Zophos
I haven't played Star Flight.

For Star Control, there's no need to play 1 before 2, although it wouldn't hurt to get some idea of the ships, perhaps. SC1 doesn't have a storyline as do 2 & 3, just a set of scenarios one can choose from.

I do still go back and play through the various SC1 scenarios for the fun of it, however! Indeed, I do this more often than I dust off SC2, because with SC1 you can play for a couple of hours, or more or less. SC2 is more of an undertaking.

While there's no need to play SC1 before 2, I would suggest it, if only because going from SC2 to SC1 will empnasize the age of SC1 in terms of graphics...
Hard to say - both Starflight games are excellent story/exploration games, but very, very dated in appearance and engine (i.e. clunky ui, very basic combat system). If you can get past that, play Starflight 1&2 in order (similar design, a continuing story, definitely worth playing both). Then play Star Control 2, which has almost identical game play to Starflight, but with much better graphics, interface and engine.

Star Control 1 is pretty much unrelated to 2 and can be skipped entirely - or just played as a separate strategy game with no real links to the sequel outside of the combat engine.

You didn't mention Star Control 3, but just in case - it feels like an attempt to combine SC1 strategy with SC2 RPG elements. Unfortunately it doesn't really compare with SC2 - not a bad game as such, just unlucky enough to be a sequel to a very good game.