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Surprisingly I was thinking about when would these games ever release outside of Steam or retail. Lo and behold when I woke up yesterday I found a post about GOG releasing all the three games for a huge discount, my eyes just wanted to pop out and touch the screen to really make sure I was reading what I was reading.

I instantly bought all three.

Then I found out that there were FLAC soundtracks given for all the three games. I was even happier. As and audiophle, I am quite impressed by the mastering of the tracks, all of them sounded very capable, and did not have that terrible dynamics compression found on a lot of music nowadays. Finally, after all these years I have the high res file of the Dirge for the Planet song...
Thank you very much, GoG. I already bought Call of Pripyat, but what with the sale, and the fact this is a new computer, I wanted to get these DRM free, so I did. Actually, I think the price for all three was not much more than I paid for CoP (although CoP came in an action/strategy 4 pack, the only game you would want was CoP).

Call of Pripyat is an excellent game (technical nuisances aside) with a very unique atmosphere and I anticipate trying out Shadow of Chernobyl as well, maybe Clear Sky, but it's the least interesting to me and the most buggy, so I might not play it, but the option's available. Either way, thanks again GoG.
thank you GOG those are my three most favorite games
being a fan of apocalyptic and survivor games, i've been wanting to play Stalker for some time. I was wanting to buy on steam but didn't really want to pay that much or have the drm. I did have it illigitimately, but it felt like a slap in the face to both the devs and the game and so i didn't even install.Fast forward, and good ol GOG's come to save the day, snatched it in a heartbeat :). Thanks GOG ^-^