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Hi i just got the game and playd 5 houres game runs good no erros.

Is there any must have mods

I can for some reson not search the forum
I played it without mods and it was just fine. I don't recall Clear Sky having any issues or bugs big enough to warrant a "must have" mod just for playing the vanilla game - but - the "Official" Clear Sky Forums are a good place to learn about if there are any..

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I just did a playthrough with clear sky complete. While it was fun, I have a far better experience with the following mods :

- SRP 1.05, an unofficial patch from the community =>, the author just posted an updated version (1.05) here :

- Absolute Nature 2

- Absolute Structures 1.0

- atmosfear 1.3 =>

- FOV switcher 1.7

The ultimate repository for stalker mods :!zEtSxC4J!eRsovn-n098UpRtLDmr5_w!zNcmCJoQ
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Thank you for these, really made a big improvement.
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