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I bought this game today, and was excited to start. It downloaded and installed with no problem. It started fine, and I entered my name and proceeded to start the game. It then stopped working. Windows came up with "Stacking has stopped working". I have the system requirements to play the game. I have checked them. I have all the available updates for my laptop. I have the game installed on an external drive. Would that make any difference? I have the latest flash and directx installed. I even had it install Directx 9 when it prompted during installation. Any ideas as to what I can do or what might be causing this problem? I looked through the list of things to try on the support page. I did all that applied. The game has been installed and then uninstalled and reinstalled. It still stops working just as the game should actually begin, just after you enter your name and hit enter. It says loading, then just stops. Thank you in advance for help. I am looking forward to trying this game. Looks like a lot of fun.
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Contact support directly and provide as much information about your system as possible.
Windows version, CPU, graphics adapter, driver versions etc.
It's been a while, but if you or anyone still see this issue, please post and we'll help troubleshoot.

As DoctorGOGgles mentioned, your system specs info will help us out.
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