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initially I downloaded and played Stacking in English. Now I want to play it with some kids from friends, so the german version (our native language) would be best. GoG does provide downloads for different languages (including German), but I always get an English stacking. I tried to scrub my registry and user profile from anything related to Stacking before, but still I always get Stasking in English.

Does somebody know how to solve that problem? Can someone at least confirm that they get the same behaviour (or that they do get a localized version in some other language than English)?

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Try looking for language selector in game files/Start Menu shortcuts.
If "Select Language" in the Start Menu folder "\Stacking" doesn't work, try running it as Administrator (right-click => Run as ..) or go to the game's folder and look into \Stacking\Data\Config\
There's a file Language.cfg that you can open with any text editor.
Inside set:

language = 'deDE'

Save and play.
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