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I always wondered what kind of game this is, I remember reading a review of it and always wanted to buy it but i couldnt find it, I even wondered sometimes if it comes to gog. And now it is I want to ask you community. What is it exacly is it woth it? And does it still got that online thing?
The online thing is a game element, not a real online thing. The game is kind of an interactive spy movie. You try to piece together clues of an assassination plan and try to stop the bad guys. Not a bad game really, not very long, but then again, FMV games rarely were.
There was an actual online component back then, but it has been taken offline quite a while ago. Although it is not necessary for completing the game.
It's a point and click adventure.

Utilizing FMV, which back then meant it came it this behemoth of a case with 5 CDs.
Great game. Very innovative for the time. It stretched the genre limits a lot.