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I played Spycraft way back in the day and am currently giving it another play through.

One thing I never understood: why is there a scene of the Russian presidential candidate Churbanov campaigning in Vilnius? It's in Lithuania, not Russia.

Were they looking at an old map (Soviet Union instead of Russia) when they designed the game?

EDIT: (and the following is a partial spoiler)

While I'm at it: When I had played this game originally years ago, I seem to recall that Foster (female CIA agent running the Moscow office) was the one who was killed by Kneecaps while keeping an eye on Birdsong, and you got the camcorder w/chip from the crime scene. In my recent play through, Foster is the one who informs me that some other agent was killed while watching Birdsong, and Foster gives you the camcorder instead. In either case, the footage on the camcorder is the same.

I could be totally mistaken but it seems to me that there are several possible "winnable" outcomes to the different scenarios... or maybe the game just gives you alternate results if you do things in a different order?
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