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All of the sources seems dead also I didn't want to pirate it . If EA provide it legally , that would be very nice :)
I still have the Galactic Edition here. I recently installed it.
I actually expected that the extra's would be part of the GOG release. Maybe if EA has all the rights to the dvd and such they can release a additional addon to the GOG game that gives you the poster, designs, the making of and the documentary.
I already have those and I think it's worth it for the new fans here. :D
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I'm surprised these aren't included in the GOG release.
Is this still true? I always get very confused with versions, patches, DLCs, sub-version, updates, extra material, external websites, GOTY, GOLD, Platinum, defunct companies... I seemingly obtained a three-items bundle, but it is still one game with four stages and this extras would be the fourth stage. I am still delving into the second stage, so not sure if I should keep searching or I already got all there is to get for this game.
I believe, I don't have these extras. But if the post above me is correct, these are REALY extras, that have nothing to do with the gameplay. ("poster, designs, making of, documentary").

Tha game has 5 (or 6 if you count galactic adventues extra) stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Nation, and space. (and the galactic adventures as part of space.)

All these stages are included without the extras mentioned above.
Days ago I have bought the 'Spore Collection' here on GOG, the game is complete and plays well. Only that if you want to have all online features you must register to EA, instructions are on the game's store page.
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