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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if this game support the xbox360 gamepad? I was planning of buying it.

Thanks in advance.
AFAIK SC does not support any gamepad or joystick. You can only make it work if you have a software for your gamepad that can assign keyboard strokes to gamepad buttons/movements.
Ok, il stick with the keyboard and mouse then, thanks a lot!.
You can use a Mapping tool like XPadder to map the Input from the Keyboard and Mouse to your Gamepad.
I know it's really late and very irrelevant by now, but any controller can be used to play this game. I managed to configure ini file by assigning most of the actions to my Xbox One controller. The problems is the game doesn't properly read left stick for movement, so you will always walk and I couldn't properly configure camera movement. I'm pretty sure there is no proper way to adapt controls for controller, but I wonder why developers even bothered to include assignable controller buttons in the first place?