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Though it's not mentioned on the store page, this seems to be working fine on Windows 10 up to now (haven't completed it yet).

Just mentioning it for people thinking of purchasing.

P.S. Started playing Blacklist at the same time. The 1st one is much more enjoyable for me, even though it's not Chaos Theory, but still a pretty good stealth game. Wish Pandora Tomorrow was available for newer PCs as I never played that one when I had the chance.
Because of this comment, I bought it and felt cheated at first.
The controls of this game are abysmal, in windows 10 *you have to constantly reset the input keys (leftclick and space) to make the interaction work, otherwise at least on my pc, this game wont work and you will be stuck in the first half of the training mission.

During the training, you have to lockpick your first door. The equipping process works with clicking the item in the menu and it jumps into your right side of the hud but the part of actually getting to the lock and its lockpicking overlay was clearly not working. I left clicked the door and nothing happened.*
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