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Hi folks. Just wondering if anyone has experienced or even better has a solution to a general protection fault crash I'm getting on level two, pretty much any time I open my inventory to read about new gadgets and/or data.

I'm running a few mods (i.e. widescreen fix, spell check, ps3 textures, fixed loading screens) and naturally am also using dgvoodoo to fix shadows, nvidia profile inspector and ReShade as per the game's wiki.

Game has been running perfectly thus far (inventory menu included) and still runs swimmingly as long as I don't open the inventory (not the quick menu, the inventory that includes the data stick info and settings panel et al).

Any help would be GREATly appreciated. I've search the world wide web HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGH and low and am at my wits end, plus i've REALLY been enjoying the game!

windohs 10 (21H1), 1080ti not overclocked, 32gb, i7-9700K not overclocked, ultrawide @ 3440x1440.


edit: Well I changed the ini re vsync as per the wiki and lo and behold, after playing and trying to replicate the crash, nada. Not a one. Zippity. PROBLEM SOVLED!!
Post edited December 31, 2021 by ReamedBySteam