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Posted: Mon, June 10, 2019
Introducing Spiritfarer
A cozy management game about dying

Hey everyone!
It’s a big red letter day here at Thunder Lotus! We’re super stoked to finally reveal the project we’ve been
lovingly crafting over the past 18 months or so.
Behold Spiritfarer: a cozy management game about dying.
Queue our first trailer and prepare thyselves for the feels!
YouTube™ Video: Spiritfarer Announcement Trailer [ESRB - RP]
Views: 103,545
**Available in 2020 with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console, Xbox One,
Windows PC, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Linux!**
Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying.
is a project that’s near and dear to our hearts. Here’s the basic pitch:
In Spiritfarer, you play Stella, ferrymaster to the deceased. Build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care
for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife. Farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, and craft your way
across mystical seas. Join the adventure as Daffodil the cat, in two-player cooperative play.
Spend relaxing quality time with your spirit passengers, create lasting memories, and, ultimately,
learn how to say goodbye to your cherished friends.
Expect a release next year on Steam, as well as with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console,
Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch!
We can’t wait to tell you more about the game over the next few days, weeks, and months.
Today, as I write this, we’re enjoying the frenzy of E3 2019, where we’ve been invited by the good people at Microsoft
to present the first playable demo of Spiritfarer as part of their E3 activities. Come say hi at the Microsoft Theater
if you’re in town for the convention!
If not, maybe we’re coming to another con near you over the next few months, hmm?
Stay tuned (and do please Follow or Wishlist Spiritfarer)!
Back to you soon with more Spiritfarer news!
Cheers y’all,
– Rodrigue and the Thunder Lotus team

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Posted: Fri, March 20, 2020 @ 10:59 PM CET
Spiritfarer Closed Beta is Coming!
Sign up for a chance to take part!

Hey everyone,
I hope that you and yours are all keeping it together out there, and staying healthy!
Did you happen to notice that the FREE playable demo for Spiritfarer is being featured in
the Steam Game Festival - Spring Edition? It'll be available through the weekend before
it's removed from Steam. If you haven't checked it out, this is your chance to get your first taste
of the game we've been pouring our hearts and souls into for nearly two years now!
(and if you have, maybe share with a friend who you think would dig it!)
Grab or share the limited time Spiritfarer demo HERE!
The demo is great, but TBH, it's just a little taster for the full game.
Yes, production is rolling on at full tilt, and the whole team is spending this weekend playing through
our first Beta build, before we're ready to release it for testing among a select group of players!
Let it be known that the Spiritfarer Closed Beta is happening soon™, and if you're interested in participating,
we're holding signups through our mailing list until March 25h!
Please head HERE to subscribe to the mailing list, and we'll send you a link to get yourself on the list!
(Note: If you're already a subscriber, we got you covered - you'll receive the same link shortly.)
Hope to have you on the Closed Beta Team!
- Rodrigue and the Spiritfarer Team

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Posted: Tue, May 26, 2020
Behold the new Spiritfarer Gameplay Teaser!
Spiritfarer's dynamic platforming levels get a spotlight!

Hey everyone,
Just a quick heads up to ask you to check out the latest Spiritfarer Gameplay Teaser!
Please feast your eyeballs on this:
=> (video is private - strange)
In this teaser, we wanted to give a spotlight to some of the sprightlier platforming levels that
we're designing as spicy interludes to Spiritfarer's cozy management and emotional narrative.
Long time fans know that we do enjoy us some smooth and satisfying platforming gameplay,
and I personally feel there's some silky smooth Eshe DNA in Stella's moves!
Let us know what you think, please! And do please Wishlist and Follow Spiritfarer if you haven't already.
Hope you're keeping happy and healthy out there, y'all!
See you out on the mystical seas,
- Rodrigue and the Spiritfarer Team

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Posted: Thu, July 30, 2020
Take a trip with Alice in Spiritfarer's latest teaser!
Some fresh new faces and places join the Spiritfarer adventure!

Hey everyone,
Just a quick heads up to ask you to check out the latest and greatest Spiritfarer Gameplay Teaser!
This new teaser finds Stella following Alice the Hedgehog Spirit on a not-so-little trip to heretofore
unexplored locales, from the frozen landscapes of Nordweiler to the metropolitan areas of Oxbury.
By the end, Stella is seen hurrying home, zipline-bound.
If you've been following us for a while, you'll also notice some new faces, such as Giovanni the
Lion Spirit and Stan the Mushroom Spirit too!
Let us know what you think, please! And do please Wishlist and Follow Spiritfarer if you haven't already.
- Rodrigue and the Spiritfarer Team

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*** *** *** *** *** ***
Major Update
Posted: Tue, April 20
Lily Update is out now!
Join us in welcoming our new Spirit friend!
*** *** *** *** *** ***

Lily Update is Live!
Hey there, Spiritfarers!
The Lily Update is ready to spread its wings, and Lily is finally making her debut to the Spiritfarer crew!
This update is completely free! All you need to do is Update Spiritfarer!
Alongside Lily herself, you'll find some new features, a bunch of Quality of life changes and lots of Bug Fixes!
You'll want to stick to the end, I have a handful of news that you won't want to miss!
Oh and, before I forget, here's the Lily Update trailer:

Content Update
Before we dig into the meat and potatoes of this update, I wanted to let you know that we decided to make
the Lily Update a bit smaller than the others in order to properly take the time and address the most
common feedback we received since the game's release: Stella's Story and Spiritfarer's Ending.
We heard it loud and clear, and we agreed, so we really gave it our all to make Stella's story and its conclusion
more satisfying. We're really happy with how it turned out, and we hope you'll enjoy it too!
Now, without further ado, here's Lily, the Butterfly Spirit!
Lily - The Butterfly Spirit
Meet Lily, Stella's younger sister.
She's here to be your guiding light by granting you the ability to navigate at night, and by offering a sweet and
personal window into several scenes of Stella's life.
Note that she'll only appear near the very end of the game, so it might a while before you'll get to
actually meet her personally!

Patch Notes:
New Content:
   o Lily can join your boat!
   o Fishing can now be done in coop!
   o Added a new atmosphere to Buck's event.
   o New coop controller assignment screen.

Quality of Life Update:
   o The boat can now travel at night after the first conversation with Lily.
   o New visual effects when Stanley is found.
   o UI now shows how many items can be added to stations.
   o Recipe collection now shares the same sorting as the recipe book.
   o Island's names now appear while fast travelling.
   o Bus Stops are easier to see from the Fast Travel screen.

List of all the bug fixes:
Medlife [developer]: 15 Apr @ 5:44am
Patch Notes 4/20 - 33334
Bug Fixes:
   o Buck's event can no longer start during another atmosphere (rain, stars, etc.)
   o Recipe collection now shares the same sorting as the recipe book.
   o Fix cat joystick rebindings not being saved
   o Prevent menus from clipping down the bottom of the screen when playing in coop.
   o Fix Alice confirming the sheep shearing quest next to an unshorn sheep.
   o Fix player getting stuck in the run animation
   o Fix Smithy automatically starting when smithing brass sheet at a low frame rate
   o Fix Smithy being more likely to break on the first hit
   o Fix navigation inside the Pause Menu
   o Fix user still getting planks if they fails the minigame
   o Fix keyboard controls not working after restoring to default in Azerty or Dvorak
   o Added a hint for the lighthouse sequence to help people
   o Added conversation when spirits are sleeping outside.
   o Fix rebinding Change Tab keys to Q and E (and interact to F) not working in Build Mode
   o Remove F as an input to play music as it was causing rebinding problems (now only R)
   o Fix window’s size and missing prompt in the Improve Menu
   o Fix Back button in auto saves screen being written as Test instead of Back
[Or: Click here for a list of all the bug fixes!
=> ]

On to the News!
500k copies sold!

Spiritfarer is officially Thunder Lotus’ most successful project to date!
Since its launch in August 2020, it sold over 500,000 units worldwide across all systems!
But that's not all, Spiritfarer is still sitting at Overwhelmingly Positive reviews thanks to you all!
It received nominations at The Game Awards, The DICE Awards, and BAFTA Game Awards, and
we won three categories at the Canadian Game Awards!
We're eternally thankful for all the support you've given us! Thank you so very much!

Gustav update
We haven't forgotten about our announcement regarding Gustav's story. We're happy to say that
we've collected invaluable feedback from a panel of gamers with disabilities, and will adjust
the content accordingly, which we'll implement along with the Beverly Update this Summer.
More information will come at a later date directly on our Website, please stay tuned!

For those who might have missed it, we're taking part in LudoNarraCon this year!
Interested in hearing how we created Spiritfarer and meeting the team behind the game?
Then you won't want to miss LudoNarraCon, between April 23-26.
I'll be joined by our Creative Director, Nicolas Guérin, and our Art Director, Jo Gauthier.
Mark your calendar and click here for more details and to look at our schedule!

That's all folks!

Time to say our goodbyes for now!

Hope to see you this weekend for LudoNarraCon! If you can't make it, don't worry,
I'll be back when the Beverly Update hits live this Summer!
We're still putting the finishing touches on the more gameplay-heavy portions of the updates to come.
In the meantime, go play through the Lily Update today!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day!


Mailing List:

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Beverly Update (34297) is out now!
Come celebrate the arrival of a new crewmember!
Posted: Tue, August 31, 2021 @ 6:01 PM CEST

Hey Spiritfarers,

Hope your Summer has been enjoyable so far! Sad it's almost over! I could do without the occasional sunburns,
but weather here has been pretty good! Anyways, time for a news update!

The Beverly Update has finally arrived! You can go watch the launch trailer here :
* (Spiritfarer Beverly Update Trailer (ESRB))

Beverly - The Tiny Owl

While exploring Oxbury, Stella is accosted by a kind stranger. Turns out, it's her old neighbor Beverly!
She’s been feeling rather lonely on this island, so she couldn’t be happier to have finally found someone
to talk to about the past!

You can start reminiscing about the past by recruiting her in Oxbury!

Content Update

The Beverly Update has finally arrived and it is live today!

Lots of changes are coming to the game, from new features, to quality of life updates and even
some narrative tweaks. There's a lot to unpack!

Here's a list some of the changes:

New Features:
   o New Save system: You can now have three separate save files.
   o Buck's Looter's Literary reviews: Special magazines that contains a series of quests
      with treasure maps.
   o Radio in the Lounge: Hang out by the bar and take a listen to any of the songs from
      the soundtrack you've heard before!
   o New spicy foods have been added!

Quality of life changes:
   o Destination queue: select up to three points to explore in a single travel!
   o New "Safe Travel" mode for travelling, which automatically skips events during your next travel.
   o You can now disable (or re-enable) Alex's bus station music. ;)
   o Sitting on any chair at night now enables the Stargazing mode, which hides the buildings
      and shows the starry night sky.

And lots more! Click below to read the full list of changes!

Have a wonderful rest of your Summer, hope you enjoy the Beverly Update
and thank you so much for reading! Many hugs!


Med @ Thunder Lotus

Mailing List:

GOG Offline Installer (06.09.2021 17:35 CET):
   o Lin:   33734 (47128) => 34297 (49693) on 06. Sep. 2021
   o Win: 33734 (47126) => 34297 (49406) on 01. Sep. 2021
   o Mac: 33734 => 34297 (49411) on 06. Sep. 2021
   (Lily Update => Beverly Update)

# Source:
Patch Notes 09/29 - 34556
Regular Update
Posted: Tue, September 28, 2021 @ 6:00 PM CEST

   o Minor changes to Gustav's monologues.
   o Changed Start Game text to Continue/New Game according to if any saves exist or not
   o Modified Francis' acetate quest to be unique
   o Modified Buck's Mood graph so it scales properly during the building quest
   o Modified Beverly's food related quest to be skippable (Laksa)
   o Modified Spiritfared achievement requirements from 10 spirits >>>> 11 spirits
   o Modified the layers for items spawning in Floating Crate event to avoid overlaps
   o Modified the priorities of some of Beverly's conversations
   o Modified two typos from Gwen and Atul's dialogs
   o Modified Astrid & Giovanni's priorities so they come to welcome new spirits
   o Modified Safe Travel mode to enable events if it's disabled while the boat is on an event.
   o Modified Lily's flowers to only grow after meeting Hades
   o Modified Build Mode to only show available customization on building with decorations
   o Modified Delete Save Button from F12 >>>> F4
   o Disabled Stargazing mode when at the Everdoor

   o Added transition animation to Beverly between hug and talk animations

Bug fixes:
   o Fixed the text bubble appearing before the fade-in when the build mode activates
   o Fixed loss of functionality in Controls menu
   o Fixed Gwen's Kitchen quest validation dialogue not triggering
   o Fixed the navigation of the Music Mini-Game button in the rebinding menu
   o Fixed the duplicate Stella at the end of a hug with any spirits
   o Fixed the issue where you can't apply resolution changes when width or height
      has an identical component as the current resolution
   o Fixed the second player's recipe UI appearing over map
   o Fixed sheep upgrade getting removed when going in and out of enclosure to feed it
   o Fixed chicks going into different chicken coops before maturing into full grown chickens
   o Fixed the player falling out of building when hugging next to a wall with another building under it
   o Fixed some expressions not playing ever again after the first time
   o Fixed an issue where an acetate would not drop from a chest during a quest
   o Fixed the ''Safe Travel mode'' keyboard button not working in Azerty and Dvorak mode
   o Fixed an issue where Cow Stall and Sheep Corral improvements were available before finding the blueprints in the world
   o Fixed an issue where the Everdoor atmosphere didn't trigger when Stella came to the Everdoor a second time
      right after finishing The Last Voyage
   o Fixed an issue where the controller would vibrate even when left unused
   o Fixed an issue where Beverly would not recognize her favorite food as her favorite
   o Fixed an issue where Gwen's quest "Set Sail, Captain!" didn't continue forwards after clearing the trash on the boat.
   o Fixed the music minigame's UI changing to keyboard inputs whenever the mouse is moved during gameplay,
      while playing with a controller
   o Fixed an issue where the map’s projector would fail to open properly.

And a slew of very minor bug fixes.

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (29.09.2021 18:00 CET):
   o Lin:   34297 (49693) => 34556 (50344)
   o Win: 34297 (47126) => 34556 (50078)
   o Mac: 34297 (49411) => 34556 (50030)
   (Beverly Update => Regular Update)

# Hints:
#    o Bug causing starting with black screen:
#       Try to change the string GOG to string DRM_FREE
#       in game/Spiritfarer_Data/StreamingAssets/
#    o Wrong controller button icons (glyphs):
#       Opening 'controller settings' via:   Options > Controls > Rebind and
#       select (e.g. for Logitech F310 - XBox):   Input Icons: Xbox.
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Nice to see this game updated by the devs! Makes me itch for another playthrough!
high rated
Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition
Time to say goodbye to Spiritfarer with its final update!
Type: Major Update
Posted: Mon, December 13, 2021 @ 6:00 PM CET

Hey Spiritfarers, it's finally here!

The Jackie & Daria Update is out today, and with it, an announcement!

Last year, I shared a roadmap of our plans for 2021 and, now that the third and final update is available,
we'll officially be sailing away from Spiritfarer ... so join me in welcoming Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition.

In the spirit of the game, we decided to celebrate this departure from the project by re-releasing it
under a new and, most of all, complete Edition.

Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition is a free update for the base game that contains all previous content updates
as well as our last: the Jackie & Daria Update!

You can watch the trailer here:

Now without further ado, let's navigate through our last content update.

Jackie, the Hyena & Daria, the Bat

Meet Jackie & Daria, the two new spirits joining Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition.

Jackie the Hyena is a fun, albeit vulgar, caretaker of the Overbrook health institute, a broken down hospital.

Daria the Bat, on the other hand, is one of his most notable patient, due to her being prone
to very erratic behaviors.

Curious to see them in action? Check out the trailer

Content Update

The Jackie & Daria Update is the biggest update we've released, with two additional spirits, a new island and
a brand new event to experience!

After uncovering the Mist near Oxbury, you'll receive a letter from Jackie asking for help at Overbrook.
You'll be working towards improving the living condition of the patients by using a mystical Vending Machine,
then going on a musical journey in Daria's subconscious through her Mind Palace.

New content:
   o New Spirits: Jackie, the Hyena & Daria, the Bat
   o New Island: Overbrook
   o New Event: Mind Palace
   o New station upgrade: Beehive
   o Sweet new recipes!
   o New Overbrook-related shenanigans!

Quality of Life Improvement:
   o Player Manual: Read all previously received hints, tips & tricks for Spiritfarer,
      from inside your Pause Menu!

Narrative Tweaks:
   o The last two Figureheads each cost 1 extra flower.
   o Meetings with Hades now occur at 1/5/9 spirits released, from 1/4/8.
   o Multiple achievements got updated requirements:
      - Spiritfared Achievement now requires 13 Spirits Released to complete, up from 11.
      - Upgraded all buildings (added Jackie's house)
      - Mood related achievements:
         ~ All Spirit Ecstatic, 5 Ecstatic Spirits & Any Spirit (added Jackie & Daria to requirements or potential spirits)
      - All Collections Collected (updated with new recipes)

And lots of bug fixes! Click here to read the full list of changes!

Hope you'll enjoy the Jackie & Daria Update as well as the completed world of Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


Med @ Thunder Lotus

Mailing List:

GOG Offline Installer (13.12.2021 21:45 CET):
   o Lin:   34556 (50344) => 35160 (52169)
   o Win: 34556 (50078) => 35160A (52073)
   o Mac: 34556 (50030) => 35160 (52071)
   (Regular Update => Farewell Edition)
high rated
Spiritfarer: Patch Notes - 3/15 (35312)
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Tue, March 15, 2022 @ 5:02 PM CET

Hey Spiritfarers!

We're here today with a pretty long list of bug fixes in this patch.

Bug fixes:
   o A black screen no longer occurs if you pause during the Mind Palace event.
   o Alice now properly recognizes the Beach outfit.
   o The wardrobe now remembers a full outfit's settings even when the player modifies a single item.
   o Stella and Daffodil get teleported to Jackie whenever the other player triggers the conversation inside Gwen's house.
   o The boat now properly continues to its destination after encountering a turtle sister.
   o Sleeping while Stanley is in front of the bed in Stella’s cabin no longer results in a loss of functionality.
   o Interacting with Stanley inside Stella’s cabin no longer causes Daffodil to fall outside the boundaries of the world.
   o Sitting on a chair while the boat approaches the Everdoor no longer leads to a loss of functionality.
   o The game's in-game clock no longer resets after 24 hours.
   o Stella's arm now uses the proper lighting when fishing.
   o The Everlight now appears properly during Loom and Woodcutting Minigames.
   o The Touchpad Icon now properly appears in the rebind menus.
   o Navigation inside the Control Rebinding screen no longer skips two settings when moving up from the Restore Default option.
   o Tuna fishing music will no longer prematurely stop if your co-op partner stops fishing.
   o Beverly is no longer behind Stella’s hat when hugged in ghost form.
   o In local co-op, Daffodil no longer loses functionality when meeting the turtle sisters for the first time.
   o Stella and Daffodil can no longer stand on an invisible platform in Stella’s Cabin.
   o "The Real Spiritfarer" quest now properly subtracts a Lightbulb from your inventory instead of adding one.
   o Daffodil no longer falls through the floor at multiple points in the game.
   o Going back and forth quickly on the zipline no longer causes the sound effect to disappear.
   o Stella’s bouncing animation no longer stutters when used on the umbrellas in Overbrook.
   o Atul will no longer get stuck in a loop of exiting and entering his house if the kitchen is placed in a specific position underneath his house.
   o The wind animation from the middle chimney at Bottom Line Corp no longer cuts off abruptly.
   o Repeatedly watering crops no longer causes Stella’s water animation to be skipped.
   o Stella no longer gets caught on the environment when using the zipline in Hoseki Quarry.
   o Saving/Quitting during the House Call quest no longer causes Daria’s icon to appear early in the Save Menu.
   o Daria now plays her instrument properly during the Mind Palace event.
   o Daffodil can no longer interact with the butterflies during the Hades events.
   o Mickey no longer abruptly returns to Bruce’s head during their final conversation on the way to the Everdoor.
   o Mickey no longer disappears too early during Bruce & Mickey’s Everdoor animation.
   o Denizen lost at sea now properly acknowledges your presence.
   o Turtles no longer disappear when going to sleep.
   o Daffodil no longer teleports during a Spirit’s release.
   o Going to sleep no longer crashes the game.
   o The ground inside the Field no longer appears upside down during the Edit mode.
   o Sheep now properly have wool.
   o Explored parts of the map no longer disappear upon reloading.
   o You will no longer get stuck in the game’s intro sequence.
   o Alice’s quest no longer bugs out and she will give you her obol.
   o ESC/Back buttons now work in the ”Report a bug” menu.
   o It is no longer possible to lose functionality by remapping the buttons to navigate menus to the DualShock touchpad and relaunching the game.
   o Save progress & boat will no longer merge with another save if you delete it without loading a saved game first.
   o Hugging Daffodil near a wall in Gwen’s house will no longer cause Stella to fall through the wall and get stuck.
   o Hugging Daffodil at a specific spot in Overbrook’s hospital will no longer cause Stella to fall into the background.
   o Players will no longer need to readjust from interactable objects (ore, trees, etc.) after interacting with it the first time.
   o Nordweiller’s map tooltip no longer shows three chests instead of the intended two.
   o Stella and Daffodil are now properly forced to row the tender during the Everdoor sequence.
   o Exiting the Blueprint Station no longer causes the game to lose functionality.
   o Sleeping near the Everdoor while the ghosts are on the ship no longer causes a black screen.
   o A crash no longer occurs when loading a save file that has completed Stella’s Last Voyage.
   o Closing the game during Jackie & Daria’s quest where Jackie bursts into Daria’s house will no longer break the flow of the quest completely.
   o Spirits can no longer be kicked-off the boat when moving builds to a higher altitude.
   o Skipping the intro too quickly after starting a New Game no longer causes graphical issues.
   o Going back into the game quickly no longer shows the map upside down for a couple of seconds.

   o Spirits’ mood bonus for eating a food they enjoy is no longer mistranslated to food they dislike in Portuguese.
   o Summer no longer says that she is not hungry when rejecting a hug, in Simplified Chinese.
   o Torn Letter and the Crumpled Letter from Jackie both contained untranslated lines in Russian, Korean and Simplified Chinese.
   o There is no longer a typo in Charon’s dialogue at the start of the game.
   o The button icons and text no longer overflow the UI when reading letters in Russian.
   o Fixed multiple food items in the recipe list whose text overflowed in Russian.
   o Denizen name in Quest Log for “Perimeter Sweep” was untranslated in multiple languages.
   o Doctor had an untranslated speech bubble after completing his quest at Overbrook in multiple languages.
   o Denizens in Southpoint Docks were not translated in multiple languages.
   o Gwen will no longer say a specific hour to wake her up instead of in the morning in Korean.
   o Text to confirm an event will no longer overlap with the Yes/No options in Simplified Chinese.
   o Pop-up notification about Jackie’s house improvements had an incorrect line break in Russian text.
   o Russian text box no longer overflows when talking about Daria in the Archive Room Filing Cabinet.
   o Text in the Main Menu now properly appears when first launching the game in Japanese, Korean, Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

GOG Offline Installer (15.03.2022 21:20 CET):
   o Lin:   35160 (52169) => 35317 (54376)
   o Win: 35160A (52073) => 35317 (54189)
   o Mac: 35160 (52071) => 35319a (54284)
Patch Notes 3/24 - Hotfix
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Thu, March 24, 2022 @ 6:01 PM CET

Hey Spiritfarers!

Small hotfix today!

Bug fixes:
   o Spiritfarer's custom cursor is back!
   o Fixed an issue where events would no longer have any music.
   o You can no longer play music for your plants during events.
   o Fixed an issue with Alice's "On Shoop, Two Sheep" quest, where the key would not be collected properly,
      leading to a complete halt in its progression.

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (25.03.2022 02:25 CET):
   o Lin:   35317 (54376) => 35325c (54594)
   o Win: 35317 (54189) => 35325c (54521)
   o Mac: 35319a (54284) => 35325a (54564)