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Hey, Spinches!

It’s been a while since our last update to the game and I bring good tidings for a host of requested features, changes, and bug fixes that have made it into Spinch! These changes are Windows only for the moment, but we’re working hard on getting them up and running on our Mac builds up with these changes as well.

Most of our changes this go around were targeting problems with the game’s display. You’ll now be able to set the game to windowed mode and effectively set the game’s resolution yourself by sizing that window correctly. This should solve a whole host of weird problems folks were seeing with the pixels not being quite right for their resolution. We’ve also made a ton of fixes to animations in the game not firing correctly, so all your strobing rainbows will strobe appropriately from now on.

We also listened to some player feedback from the Discord about the difficulty of the 6-1 mega maze and added a few new checkpoints in there to reduce that frustration of some of the longer goop chases. We’re pretty committed to the challenge of the game and aren’t planning on adding other features to make it easier, but this one really stood out as a problem.

There is some bad news to go along with all this good news, though, which is that the framerate issue on 144hz monitors still persists. This issue has been the toughest challenge for the team to date and we’ve still come up short on a solution. It turns out this problem is not Spinch specific, but rooted in the engine of the game itself. Other games in the same engine have been able to sidestep it, but we’ve tested a number of different solutions without any of them working out. We held the patch just to see if a few last minute theories might pan out, but at this point we’d rather get you the fixes we do have than hold the patch any longer. There is still a workaround if you want to play the game despite this problem, and you can find those details on our Discord.

Anyway, here are the full change notes!

-Added more checkpoints to Level 6-1
-Added display options to the game
-Fullscreen is now toggleable
-The game's resolution scales in windowed mode
-Anti-aliasing is now toggleable
-V-Sync is now toggleable
-Fixed the game combining jump and dash if you set certain hotkeys on the gamepad
-Fixed the leaderboards showing 5 stages for World 6
-Changed best times to display “N/A” when no best time has been achieved
-Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to take damage and die after defeating a boss
-Fixed animations in level 2-1
-Fixed animations in level 2-4
-Fixed animations in level 3-3
-Fixed animations in level 3-4
-Fixed animations in level 4-4
-Fixed animations in level 4-5
-Fixed a bug that caused the game to sometimes set custom options to default on startup
-Fixed the "Ammo Count" localization in all languages
-Fixed a bug that caused music to sometimes not play over the end credits
-Fixed a bug causing incorrect leaderboard times for level 6-2
-Fixed the Achievements and Leaderboard localization in all languages
-Fixed a bug that caused best time to show in bonus stages
-Fixed a bug that caused the Spinch counter to show in bonus stages
-Fixed the position of the two collectable Spinches in the Spinch counter on level 5-2
-Fixed the position of the two collectable Spinches in the Spinch counter on level 4-3
-Fixed the audio from Moondog levels overlapping if the player dies quickly in succession
-Fixed the audio from Moondog levels getting de-synced when the player pauses
-Fixed some of the spikes in level 5-3 dealing no damage to the player

If you’re having any other issues with the game, please feel free to let me know in our forums!