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Here it is! If you’ve been following us on social, hanging with us in Discord, or keeping up with our discussion threads, you know that there are a few high priority issues that we’ve been working on fixing for Spinch. In today’s patch, we’re tackling a bunch of them! Our big focus has been fixing achievements, which turned out to be very complicated! What we thought was one issue turned out to be a couple bugs all layered on top of one another, so rather than delay the patch to hit everything, we’re shipping what we have fixed now.

We’ve also fixed a number of other issues to have the game running smoother for all the speedrunners, achievement hunters and just Spinch lovers out there.

There are a number of issues that we’re still tracking but haven’t yet solved. It looks like some of the world by world achievements like “Baby Collector” aren’t triggering properly, so we’re still looking into that. We’ve also heard a bunch of different feature requests from casual players to hardcore platforming junkies that are also being looked at. Not all of these features will make it in game, but if we can provide a quality of life change to make the game more fun, we will. I’m going to set up a public facing project management board to broadcast to the community the different problems we’re looking to fix, from bugs that need squashing to features that we’re considering adding.

We’re continuing to look into high priority tasks such as crashes (especially on the final boss), the final boss resetting after completion, and frame rate issues with monitors.

Thank you for being patient with us! We truly appreciate it!

Anyway, here are the change notes!

Leaderboards are now live - compete with players globally in each level!
>Achievements tracking certain objectives such as “Death Wish!,” “Jumping Journey!,” and “Cub Collector!” will update the next time the player performs that action
>If you’ve previously completed 100% “Baby Collector,” “No Hitter,” and “Survivor” criteria for a world, they will not activate as an achievement. We hope to be able to retroactively award you these on the next patch. Fresh completion of these will still award them
>There are known issues with unlocking “World 2 Baby Collector!” and “World 3 Baby Collector!” which we hope to address in the next patch
-The “moonwalker” wall slide animation that Spinch would sometimes do when sliding off an edge has been fixed
-The 3rd Spinch baby on level 3-4 will now properly count towards your total
-The 11th Spinch baby on level 6-1 will now properly count towards your total
-In level 2-4, the 3rd Vibration Eye will now properly chase the player
-In the controls menu, the game properly shows which hotkey is assigned to which command
-The game will now better detect your input on a moment to moment basis
-The game now has appropriate inputs for PS4 controllers
-The tutorial won’t show you commands for an input you’re not using anymore
-Pausing during recovery to a checkpoint will no longer loop the recovery sound at full volume
-Setting a hotkey to “Z” will no longer reset Spinch to the last checkpoint when you press it during the tutorial
-Bubbles from swimming will no longer drift outside of the scenery
-On level 3-3, closing a door on top of a log will no longer clip the log into the door
-Some scenery on 2-4 is now animating appropriately

If you find any achievements that don’t activate properly, have issues with the leaderboards, or any other issue, please let us know!
Post edited September 15, 2020 by akuparagames