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Here's the trouble : in the temple of the Moon (I believe), where you play as the Mummy for the first time, everything goes fine until I picked the Moon key... When I inserted it in the force field and be ejected toward the corridor with the next puzzle (laser beams) : I am stuck with the eye staring at me but nothing else occurs... The eye is in close-up on the screen and the cut-scene showing the puzzle doesn't start.

Hope you'll fix that, this is one of my favourite game.

Core i5 4590
GTX 970
16 Go DDR3
Dual screen 1080p (x2)
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Ok, so to go further, I tried the game on my other PC, and this sequence works as intended, I'm not stuck...

This PC is i7 4790K - GTX 1070 - 16Go DDR4.

The truely difference is this one is single screen, so I Assume the problem comes from my dual screen setting...