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Thanks to your ongoing support, we are able to release our second patch today, after the first week of Early Access!

Find all details following:

- The game's settings menu is now accessible in game (some settings are only available in main menu though).
- Maximum storage capacity for food, water and materials is now shown in main HUD.
- Maximum housing capacity is now shown in main HUD.
- Food, water and material numbers now turn red when getting too low or running nearly full.
- Material consumption is now shown in power plant info panel.
- Convert button for elements is now always shown, and is greyed out, when conversion is not possible.
- Research button in HUD now has a tooltip to indicate that a running technology center is needed for research.
- The Healthbars of damaged buildings is now permanently visible.
- The acess-arrows for buildings are now shown in red, if not connected to a road.
- In shield view, protected buildings are shown green, and unprotected buildings in red.

- The camera stops rotating now, when a cutscene starts while the camera is moving.
- Building priorities now correctly goes from 0 to 10 instead of from –1 to 11.
- Housing buildings, parks and storage buildings cannot be toggled off anymore.
- Harvesting drone models have been rotated 90°.
- The health bar of the hydro tree building is now visible.
- Fixed some problems with building hitboxes.
- Sectors on the world map now also flash correctly when the game is paused.
- The toolbar cannot be toggled off anymore.

- Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed shield levels between 8 and 10.
- Fixed a bug that resulted in resources that go over max storage not saving correctly.
- Fixed: manual save is not being canceled by auto-unsave anymore.[/list]

Please keep the feedback coming and help us shaping the future of Sphere - and, of course, thank you for flying with us!

Your Teams of
Hexagon Sphere Games & Assemble Entertainment
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