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Content-Patch (v.0.2.2) brings, campaign difficulty modes, sandbox mode, new buildings and more!

Today we’re releasing a content-patch. We call it patch, as it is not fully packed with new features, mechanics and more, compared to the recent major updates 'Missioning' and 'Industry & Pollution'. However, this patch brings more than just few bugfixes and improvements. Among others, we have surely taken into account all your amazing feedback, suggestions and ideas to further improve the game. Therefore, you will find some quite awesome additions made to the game, like the sandbox game, or even new buildings among other things!

And the best thing: We’re currently working hard on our next big-content update, so please stay tuned for more big and small updates and patches soon!

New content
- Difficulty modes for the campaign.
- Sandbox mode
- More gameplay depth through building effect radiuses.

New buildings:
- Power Plant - Large
- Instruction Center

- New technology tree with many new technologies.
- Simplified conversion feature for elements.

Note on savegame compatibility
Older savegames are compatible, but the techtree will be reset when converting.
In this case, a warning message will appear before loading, informing you that the techtree will be reset.

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Please continue to give us feedback and help us make our Sphere - Flying Cities even better.

And, as always, thanks for flying with us!

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