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So far... i've started and i've seen it has some voice over. As i play through ill use this as a point to put my feedback in, given gog for whatever reason only lets me do one review and if i give it say a 1 star i can't change it further including the feedback. Once i get a decent idea of how i feel about it ill write a review with what i liked and didn't.

As far as voice over, i'd like to see more voiceover for the text portions where possible. Its off to a really good start though and up my ally as far as this genre of game goes.

Edit: Canceling Destruction of object, how do i cancel bull dozing a structure? i don't see that option at all.

Edit: While paused demolish does the same thing its just it takes time if the structure constructions already been built

Edit: Pretty game breaking, display gets blacked out entirely causing a entire system freeze/display driver crap out. Tested on win10, win11, on 4 dell xps, and 2 acer nitros, and 1x acer predator. This is on win10 20H2 and 20H1 builds, on win10 x64 bit pro and home premium builds of win10. Solution so far is to force power cycle the machine as a system lock up, i cant figure any other way around that on laptops, desktops, pop out and pop back in the graphics card, for the hotswappable cards but... not very many people may have those so leave it at needs to fully power cycle pc for the display to resume working This is on build version 0.1.7H2
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