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I finally finished a hell run, beating the final boss and exiting through the final door. However, it was late, and I decided to watch the victory scene after some sleep, so I left it on the screen with Yang the trainer at the bottom of the volcano. The next morning, I read through Yang's words and watch the scene to the end, but when I opened up my game scores, it doesn't show that I beat the game (should have said 3 wins, not 2). It also doesnt show anything over the entry door to the mines in adventure mode (except the top left gold charm for beating Olmec with shortcuts), and it doesn't show any of the lava levels being unlocked. Any way to fix this? I'm just trying to complete this game, and it's driving me crazy!
Post edited July 01, 2016 by kyb1019
I wonder if it has to do with Spelunky being installed on my external hard drive.
Does it count if I'm playing multiplayer? I was playing multiplayer to make use of the ghosts and bodies for sacrifice to get the health skull.