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I think the title says all: I finished the "leafhsade battle" some time ago but didn't mange to get of the guy's head, thus preventing me for completing the "headhunter" quest.

I've read in some walkthrough that this guy is in near the elven hostages, and given I saved them and there's not a single enemy in the map, I gess I'm experiencing some kind of game bug. Does anyone knows how could I complete the quest without loading an old save game?
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You get the head off his dead body, so it's entirely possible that you killed him and his body is just waiting to be looted. If you leave the area and come back, it should bring back the "fog of war" and leave bright spots wherever there is loot to claim, including any lootable bodies you may have missed. If there are any trees or shrubbery in the area he should have appeared, look for his body under them; on more than one occasion, I have completely missed bodies that were hidden by the leaves.
Nothing =/

I tried to leaving the game and going back and only 5 spots were without fog of war: The runestone where I appeared, the other 2 runestones of the map, the place were the surviving elven archers were and the place were those archers were held as hostages.

Given the last point I mention its the only one where a battle took place, I sanned it but found nothing. There are only some stones, three trees and some wild boars, no grass or leaves around to hide the body :s

There's no way to make the game "highlight" the corpses?
Unfortunately, no. The closest thing to that is using the fog of war "trick" I mentioned, but it obviously isn't perfect.

It's been a while since I played this, so I had to go looking for a walkthrough myself, but it appears that Ragnar actually shows up Northwest of the Elven hostages, slightly South of where Sirgil Twonk is found. I'm not sure what walkthrough you might have referenced, but this one proved very useful to me when I was playing. If it is not the one you were using, it might be a better source for finding Ragnar.
yes its sometimes a pain in the **** to find those quest things.
I had the problem after saving the elves to.
I was missing a head.
Backtrack to the camps.
The head i was missing was laying behing a bush and i only found it when rotating the camera. before i ran through the map in third person view.

So go back to the camp and check out the bushes and those wooden walls.
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Well, I solved finally the problem... the hard/tricky way.

I found this thread on the Spellforce Official forums on how to hack items into the inventory, so I just messed around a bit and got the missing head.
Given I killed the guy in a legal way and didn't get the reward (the head xD), I think it's all fine now between me and the game :V

Thanks anyway. Hope someone would find this solution useful ^^

EDIT: Can't I mark my own answer as a solution? =/

EDIT2: Oh, I can't belive this. after all the fuss with the editor, while looking for that Einar guy to give him the heads, I found the real head behind a fence, with a dead goblin next to the corpse. Oh, lol...
Now I only have to find the Sergeant Einar...
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told you so mate :)
einar will eb waiting for you in the refugee camp :)