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[Quest] Dracos Island
Coop Map

RTS/RPG Story Quest Map

Type: Coop

Players: 4

Events: Yes

New Music: No

How to Setup the map?
Player Slot 1-4 is for you and your friends(must be in the same team). Player Slot 5 must ALWAYS be the CPU with a different team. You need to do this because the basic behind this mod is still skirimish.

My old friend,

I am contacting you with great news! Our spies finally managed to find out who is behind all these attacks in the last months all over Eo. The corrupted dragon of Peak Mountains, the hordes of enemies in the white desert, the town in the swamp and many more, all is the work of one person, a banned Necromantic and powerful mage who tried to take over Eo many times, even with the help of old dark magic and forces.

This is it my old friend! We finally have found the reason and person behind all these threats to Eo and you must take him out! Our spies found out that he has his base on an island called Dracos Island. An Island who isn’t mentioned in any of our maps or books, so we can’t say what awaits you. One of our spies told us that you and your friends should land in the south of the island, because it is less guarded then the rest. Also according to our information, he has managed to turn himself and some of his guards into huge iron soldiers and summons all kinds of creatures to defend his base and the island. Be careful, the longer you are on the island, the more they will take notice of you and take action against you and your friends, so don’t waste any time! I will prepare your ships. We are running out of time.

After this is done, Eo won’t have to fear his power anymore. Bring peace to Eo one last time and I will personally write you and your friends into the history books.

Good luck my old friend. May Aonir be with you.

Made by NeoX