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SpellForce 3 - Community Content Patch 02 (SF3-CC-Patch 02)

This is a fan made Community Content Patch which adds 5 new community made mod/maps to the game and gives you fan made guides, lore summary and support/game fixes.

- adds map Convocation Fields
- adds map Scattered Forest
- adds map [RTS-Horde] The White Desert
- adds map [RTS-Horde] Jewel of the Swamp
- adds map [Quest] Dracos Island
- adds SF3-Script-Engine 1.3
- adds SF3 Script Documentation
- adds 14 new Loadingscreen images
- adds SpellForce walkthrough Guide (DE,EN)
- adds Iron Falcons Mission letters
- adds Fial Darg Lore
- adds Map Config Manual
- adds SpellForce 3 - Script-Engine Manual
- adds SpellForce 3 Blueprints locations
- adds Iron Falcons lore
- adds Order of Dawn lore
- adds Royal Houses of Nortander
- adds Shadows lore
- adds Zerbites Lore
- [SUPPORT-MODE] activates Save-Mode for Hardware issues and freezes
- [SUPPORT-MODE] activates NoPostFX-Mode for removal of all FX-Effects and shaders in the game
- [SUPPORT-MODE] offers Windows 7 Plattform Update for start issues unter Windows 7

!!! If the Setup does not allow the installation, please make sure it has the needed permissions to be executed !!!
Start the Setup with Administration permission


Made by NeoX / IT-Huskys