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I am enjoying my repeated play-throughs of SpellForce. But, I got tired of having to scratch around for gold, especially in the early parts of the game. There aren't any easy ways to change that, as far as I can find.

So I made some modifications to the GameData.cff file. Now cheap gems have more selling value (1,000 gold base price, merchants change this a small amount based on your reputation with them). I left the buying prices the same.

If anyone wants to use those changes, let me know via and I will send you the download link. I am too new here to be able to post the link directly to the thread. The file itself is small, about 4 megabytes.

I used GoG's version 1.54.75 to make this file. It may not work on Steam versions of the game.

To install it:
1) Move the downloaded file into the Data subfolder of your SpellForce Platinum game folder . It should have an existing GameData.cff file there. ie. c:\games\spellforce platinum\data\GameData.cff
2) Rename the existing GameData.cff to GameData.cff.Original (or any other name you want).
3) unzip the file, this will create the new GameData.cff.
4) Play the game. Check your gems at a merchant, the ones like Lapis lazuli should now sell for about 1000 gold.

If it doesn't work for you, delete the GameData.cff and restore the original file.
Post edited July 30, 2019 by Trellium