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I just downloaded Spellforce platinum and editor from goodies and editor says that i dont have shodow of fenix instaled or patched to 1.52 . WTF ? how can i install editor? When i had spellforce platinum (non gog) older editor installed fine , but this don't , why?
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it seems that GOG intalliation is missing one regitry string "DisplayVersion - SpellForce v1.52"
after i added it to my spellforce reg key editor installed fine, tho i am on 64bits so editor by itself doesn't work but for those who have 32bits this can be usefull. Don't use that key by itself but search for same looking reg key in your registry and add that string. I attach my 64 bit Win8.1 reg key of GOG SpellForce so you all know what to look for in your registry. I obviosly removed my cdkey string from that regkey before i uploaded my regkey so no freebies cdkeys here
regkey.jpg (127 Kb)
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after i posted this in support and didn't got any help besides offer of refund , i myself compared my installs from non-gog Spellforce Platinum on my old computer and my GOG Spellforce on new computer i found that reg key on new GOG Spellforce was missing one string and after i added that string then editor installed fine. So have a good day and happy making spellforce maps if you have 32 bits.
Guy from support said he will pass this fix to production team and they will decide if they will patch game on gog
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Sorry for the necro, but, according to other forums on the Internet (including Steam's own forums), the editor can run on a 64-bit version of Windows, but only on AMD hardware (at least the FX chips, dunno about the newer Ryzen CPUs).
its still woudn't help me cause i have intel chip
ciberzombie: its still woudn't help me cause i have intel chip
Can confirm works great on native AMD Ryzen System.
Unreal_NeoX: Can confirm works great on native AMD Ryzen System.
Same. I just got a new Ryzen-based rig, and the editor runs correctly.