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Hi everyone!

I have a little question for you all. Since some time I get requests from some people that want me to remaster the MOBA mod-maps for SF3-SH since it has in the MP part more unique heroes and infinity respawns and would natively support this mod way better as the base game.

Meant are these 2 here:

But I want to know from all of you if you want to have these mod-maps back for SF3-SH, or if only some “loud few” want such a thing.

If you could give me 30s of your time and and take part in this 3 question survey, i would be very thankful!

Survey link:

Greetings: NeoX
I am probably one the the rabid fans who think Spellforce is one of the best chassis for a MOBA map, but understand that making a good one takes a ton of time and effort.

I could not find enough people to test out the older moba maps, but I could see they looked great.
thx! Well i need beta-testers for the remasterd version for SF3-SH, but like you said, it's hard to find enough people.