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Jewel of the Swamp
RTS-Horde Mod-Map

A 4 Player Mod-Map in Horde Mode style based for RTS.

Type: RTS-Horde

Players: 4

Events: Yes

New Music: No

How does this Map/Mode work?
You start in your “base” with 3 other players (human friends -> group of 4 total) and you have to build it out to stand the attacking waves of enemys. You have 25 min to prepare your bases for the attack. New weapons/equipment for your heroes has to be bought from the merchant or has to be looted from the enemy. The RTS-Horde-Mode has 30 waves of enemy’s. Every wave gets triggered after 5 min and they will spawn even if you didn’t clear the one before. So there is no way to cheese the enemy waves and get them cornered somewhere. You won’t take all 5 min for every wave, in that time you should visit the merchant in the base or explore the map to find chests where you can find extra gold for better gear at the merchant (very required for the last waves). You fail the map if the person in the center of your base dies (you have to defend him) or your base-center gets destroyed. You win if you manage to beat the last wave. The gameplay time of this map is around 3h (180 min). If you need to take a break, then just save the game and continue later with your friends.

How to Setup the map?
Player Slot 1-4 is for you and your friends(must be in the same team). Player Slot 5 must ALWAYS be the CPU with a different team. You need to do this because the basic behind this mod is still skirimish.

Well that’s enough said! I hope with this little Mod/Map we manage to give a little challenge and more MP fun! So Have fun :-)!

Made by NeoX