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Hello fellow gamers,
I'm thinking about purchasing Spellforce and I was wondering if I could share the game with a mate so we could LAN together. Is it possible or does he have to purchase the game too?
This question / problem has been solved by Ralackkimage
From a legal standpoint you can install it on any computers you own, so if hes playing on your computer for the LAN it should be ok. If hes got his own computer he should really buy the game himself, though I personally don't see a problem letting someone load it up and just making sure they delete it before they leave your house. Thats just my view though and I don't think its strictly legal.
Yeah legally there's no problem since I own both computers.
But will it work with the same CD key? I know online won't, just wondering if LAN checks the CD keys too.
I believe you can share the same CD key for LAN play with Spellforce Platinum. I don't think it was until Spellforce 2 that they required unquie CD keys for lan.
Ok thanks =)