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Any one else taken a peek at their log.txt file after installing the game? I opened mine out of curiosity and found a ton of errors listed. Most of them are "Error reading the config file config.lua. Default values used"
Also have some MISSING FILE messages in it. (One example is: Missing File: 7406 equipment_weapon_shield_gold1)
Is any of this cause for concern?
The game has fired up with no issues, but I won't have a chance to actually play it for a few days. Anyone having issues?
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Whoa! Already add to the cart, but didn't press the BUY button...
We need a clear situation here GOG, please.
"Missing File: 7406 equipment_weapon_shield_gold1" makes me scarry to play some unreal cutted "nobugy" version.
You think that's alarming, there are also a number of these:
MISSING ANIMATION: figure_boss_dryade_hit1
I don't like the looks of this log file at all.
I checked the file out and it shows same kind of results for me too. Game still plays without crashing or any errors.
I found Spellforce Demo folder too at my documents folder and the log file there shows even more errors, like ten times more.
Many other games show many errors while loading levels etc. I think Half Life 2 had lots of errors shown at console menu but game still worked just fine.
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I have this too but so far I have not come across any problems with the actual gameplay though.
Very odd thing. Thanks for the info though. Perhaps it's nothing to be concerned about. I'd love to get a comment from the GoG team about it though.
Seeing the same thing myself. However, as GOG has thus far had excellent QA testing I'm inclined to assume that it's nothing to be concerned about, at least until some actual bugs start popping up in-game.
It's possible it's content that was cut or not actually required by the game yet. Those logs aren't for us, after all, but for the developers.
As others have also said, pretty much every single game will contain such errors in their logs. But the games run perfectly fine and as intended. So these errors really are nothing to worry about =)
In fact, I just installed my old retail version (the one that came with my graphics card) and it too contains all those errors in the log file. It's just a part of the initial loading process. You can safely ignore them it does not mean the game is missing anything.
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As bansama said, there is nothing wrong with GOG.com Spellforce version. We didn't remove any of that missing files.
And again as bansama said - lots of games contains redundant files (mostly due to huge amount of them) but sometimes scripts that runs games asks for already forgotten, old version or not necessary files - and that's the case with Spellforce. :)
Thanks Grah, thats good to know and I appreciate the response. I'm giving Bansama the solution award, as he hit the nail on the head.