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Reviews I read after seeing the announcement looked interesting. So I download the demo (English v 2, about 2005), and it crashed 2 different systems (1 AMD/ATI, crashed and rebooted; 2. Intel/Nvidea, crashed video driver and required manual reboot.) I found indications on web that others have had similar problems. I hope the GOG Platinum version works better.
Well it didn't crash during our testing so I think its ok :)
I have a regular edition of the game and its expansions and I have no crashing problems on Vista - might be just the demo is affected
As I recall from playing the regular edition when it came out, the game was kinda picky about video cards and the drivers you used. I had a Nvida card and after the frist couple of crashes updateing the drivers fixed me up. Keep in mind this was when the game came out originally. Just my 2 cents.