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I'm playing through the Order of Dawn campaign right now, and I'm level 11. I'd like some advice on how to make an effective hero out of my avatar.
Initially, I thought I could afford to generalize a bit, with a focus on heavy combat. I'm starting to think that that isn't true, however, as I can't use most of the equipment I'm finding, even when it seems to be in keeping with my character type.
I've got:
Heavy Combat Arts 4
-Heavy Bladed Weapons 4
-Heavy Blunt Weapons 2
-Shields 3
-Heavy Armor 4
Light Combat 1
-Light Bladed Weapons 1
Elemental Magic 3
-Ice Magic 3
What I'd originally hoped to do was make a heavily armored warrior with a sword, shield, and the ability to sling around a few elemental spells if the situation required it. I feel that I could be more effective, though, if I distributed my points differently. Any suggestions?
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It's bit late for it but it would be better if you concentrate your skill choises so you can use higher level equipment and use them sooner as your skills determine equipment you can use (some have level requirement but most have skill requirement). If you distribute your skill points too widely you wont reach max levels (12 I think) on your primary skills. Also having many different skill classes means you'll need to spread your atribute points on many different atributes making you average on all of them and not good at any.
As for magic, low level damage spells will become mostly useless later on due to your enemies having lots of hitpoints (and as warrior you'll be hitting them harder with your weapons anyway) so unless you plan to go high level on magic skills you should've chosen healing/enchantment/stat boosting spell class instead (mostly white magic I think).
Note that I'm still playing my first playthru (elementalist/white mage hybrid near level 30 now) so my advice may not be best there is. I'm sure someone with more experience (especially with warrior class) will come and give more precise answers.
I've played through all of the campaigns using warrior type characters, and I'll second what Petrell said: concentrate on a single skill tree, then if you have a few points left over put them into a second skill with the understanding that it will be pretty much purely for support purposes. One thing to keep in mind is that at higher levels the attribute requirements necessary to advance the skill trees become much more stringent, so if you spread your attribute points too thin trying to boost, say, strength and stamina as well as wisdom and intelligence, you'll find you can't meet the requirements to advance your skills of choice, even if you have the skill points to do so.
If you're going for a warrior type character, then sink your attribute points and skill points into heavy combat arts and keep that maxed out first and foremost (also pick either bladed or blunt, getting both is just a waste of skill points- you'll find plenty of good weapons regardless of what you choose). Shields can also be a bit of a waste, since the best heavy weapons tend to be 2-handed; this changes a bit in the expansions, but I found that wielding two 1-handed weapons worked better than going sword and shield. If you want to dump extra points you have into a magic school then I'd recommend going with either White magic (Life or Boons) or Death Magic (any of the three) and use one of the available auras in a support role (you simply won't have enough skill and attribute points to have strong magic as a warrior, but even low level auras can be useful). Unfortunately I don't think Elemental magic has any auras, so points in there are a complete waste (any spell you'll be able to cast will be weaker than your regular attack).
Hmmm... Okay then. I'll focus my points on Heavy Blades and Heavy Armor, and hope for the best. Thank you both.