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Looks like the text scrolls up if there's a lot of it, and I end up missing whole paragraphs. Is there any way to go back up and read it? I've tried the arrow keys, mouse wheel, everything in the GUI, and yet nothing works. Seems kind of a waste if I can't read everything. :(
same question.
Huh, i don't think i ever had that issue. I see what you mean but the game shouldn't keep scrolling anymore that what will fill up the window, prompting you each time to continue.

Sadly i haven't found a way to scroll the text back, i don't think they put in a way. But if you play in Half mode, that at least gives more real estate for the text to be displayed. F1 brings up the list of commands but again, nothing about scrolling the text back. If you try to go full screen with F4, it annoyingly erases all displayed text... so much for that idea to view it. For now, save often and be careful how fast you hit the enter key to move the text forward.
1. filename <dosbox_spellcasting.conf>:


core=normal with cputype=386_prefetch makes text scrolling speed a bit slower after the <MORE> cut line, please note that text section concluding end of chapter will dissapear after a short period of time.

2. filename <dosbox_spellcasting_single.conf>:
@ECHO ºff
cd 101
S101.EXE MT32

S101.EXE MT32 line is needed to set best music option to Roland MT32 (LAPC-1), native or emulation (e.g. via Munt, additional 2-4 ROM files required, link can't be provided due to legal restrictions.

3. half-screen mode
press [F3] button to enable text & picture mode (half-screen) and play in that mode for beter experience

4. naughty mode
type "naughty" to switch parental lock off and play in that mode for beter experience, might not be suitable to little kids
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