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Hello again,

I've been waiting for these games for a long time on GOG and bought them as soon as I found out they were released. I'm really happy they're finally releasing Legend Entertainment Games on GOG and I hope "Frederik Pohl's Gateway" and "Superhero League of Hoboken' aren't far behind. :)

That being said, much like 'Eric the Unready', when I started the launcher, the graphics were fuzzy and out of focus as seen in the first two pictures included here. (I would've included a fuzzy pic for S301 but I could only post a maximum of five pictures here so you'll have to just trust me on that one. ;P)

Anyway, I managed to fix this problem for myself and if you're having trouble, this solution may help you as well if you're having the same issue.

- Boot up either DosBox or D-Fend Reloaded and create separate profiles for Spellcasting 101, 201 and 301, making sure to choose svga_s3 (VESA 2.0 compatible S3 SVGA Card) for "Video Card" and Nearest neighbor upscaling with factor 2 (normal2x) for "Scale" in each game.

- For "Sound", go to SoundBlaster and choose Type: sb16, Address 220, Interrupt 7, DMA 1, High DMA 5. These are the typical settings of course and it may be different on your computer so change accordingly if that's the case for each game.

- Then save the profiles and load each game in DosBox or D-Fend, it should hopefully look like the fixed pictures included here.

I hope this was of some help for anyone having trouble. If not, play around with the DosBox or D-Fend settings I suppose until you find a solution.
vga_s101.png (80 Kb)
vga_s201.png (67 Kb)
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