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I opened main thread on Steam . Because developers will check there . I want to copy it here too

Original topic :

Hi guys I saw there is no general thread for reporting bugs and requesting features . Someone could sticky this ?


1. Career mode save problems

During a season, if you exit out right as you start a new cup (random drawn cup, intergalatic, or champions league) when you go back in the team list will not include your team. Also when you will the results will not show your game and will either leave it out, or duplicate the results of another game. If this is a champions league, the 2nd leg of the championship doesnt kick in. (I tried this one in other leagues but nothing happens . It seems only Champions League affected .)

2. Team name corruption bug This one is really annoying :S

3. Goal keeper bug : In tactic screen says first row's second player is goal keeper but in the match (replays etc.) says firts row's first player is goal keeper .

4. Wrong Art Assets (Gold and Fire Stadium have same problem . Maybe Space Stadium have too but I can not check it . It's still locked for me .)

5. Native Resolution It seems there is some resolution problems .

6. Firstly I saw a problem in player stat upgrades . When I upgrade a player and paid . Later click another player and click upgraded player again some stats are decreased but money is gone :S This is the biggest problem I saw . (Sorry later I saw it's not a bug there is a player select mechanic for upgrade whole players :D)

7. Team mates kill problem

8. Overcharge and Star Performance achievements buggy . If you did two of them in same match , it's not counted .

Requested Features:

1. Adding Old Graphic Style as an option I think Evolution looks like more Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe . They will keep current one as main style but present us evolution style retro graphics for old gamers :) Too many players want this more original look .

2. Off-screen Tracking

Basically what I want is the grey arrow that shows where your current controlling player is at when he is off-screen to TRACK the player properly. But the problem is that the arrow is allways at center, it does not follow the player off-screen (it does not move left or right, or up and down, it just stays in the center of the edge), which can be confusing at times when you try to get your guy into posiiton to grab the ball.

3. Manager Mode

4. Also this is not a bug but maybe a problem , if I tried to open a music in the background and back to the game , music stops or messing , I can't hear it in the game . Come on guys if we report all bugs I think developers will give us a perfect game .

5. Difficulty Settings It's enough for me but many player doesn't find it enough

6. FPS Unlock Some players have problems about FPS . Maybe they have another problems , I don't know the real reason .

7. Online Multiplayer It's not urgent but will be good in the feature time .

Come on everybody keep everything clean and one place for developers a quick look . I think they will solve everything and listen us .
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