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high rated
- Fixed the death of a player due to damage received after passing the finish line (relates to players moving back into a level's environmental hazard after crossing the finish line).
- Modified ceiling colliders to mitigate clipping instances at speed.
- Fixed the volume setting to apply at startup instead of after the title screen (that's for you, ears).
- Fixed the volume setting to apply to all videos as well.
- Fixed a bug where selling a duplicate item could sell the one currently equipped.
- Fixed audio DSP plugins missing from the build.
- Fixed memory leaks in the UI causing the game to slow down after long play sessions.
- Changed Bia's sweet spot twinkle to be more visible.
- Fixed a glitch where Crown saws would break if they ran concurrently with a player's ultimate attack.
- Fixed music stopping when restarting the game.
- Fixed Big Bad timeout not having any music.
- Fixed tutorial using incorrect bindings for Ultimate and Tag Assist.
- Added Movelist to pause menu for easy reference.
- Fixed leaderboards posting incorrect times when the player loses.
- Fixed Johnson losing combo when using health to trigger Special Attack.
- Fixed crashes when exiting the game.
- Balanced item drops for certain events.
- Added grace time for players during a timeout. The game allows you to complete your combo before timing out.
- Fixed four hero attack achievement being incorrectly triggered.
- Fixed gear-based achievements not triggering.
- Fixed loop where the player gets stuck falling into holes when landing on large enemies.
- Fixed being able to tag a teammate while in a hole.
- Fixed health bar white area not showing the correct heal amount in some circumstances.