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high rated
- Fixed game crashing when playing without an internet connection.
- Reduced battle intensity in some levels to aide readability and feel in Sixpence, Florin, Crown, and Guinea.
- Vernantium Burster no longer uses X shaped beam explosion.
- Vernantium Burster no longer rotates on quarter pipes when exploding.
- Reduced explosion trigger radius for Vernantium Burster.
- Slightly increased run speed of slowest brawlers.
- Gave slower brawlers an increase in run speed that increases as they build up their combo.
- Added upward momentum to Automatom's air-up attack.
- Automatom's beam now pierces blocking enemies.
- Slightly increased Automatom's beam damage.
- Fire vents no longer trigger a counter window when dodging their firey blast.
- Decreased circular saw damage to brawlers.
- Increased circular saw damage to enemies.
- Clarified input actions in UI menus (hat-tip Steven).
- Fixed an occasional visual glitch when using special attacks.