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high rated
- Reduced input delay from 100ms to 0ms when offline and to 50ms when online. (Please note some input lag will improve your experience when playing online).
- Fixed a startup crash.
- Improved camera movement in pole swing races and when cage boosting.
- Swapped crown pole race levels for a better difficulty progression.
- Added missing white flash to the Crown cage door.
- Removed losing by a timeout by default. Timing out based on a target trophy can now be optionally added in the settings.
- Added extra millisecond digits to all timers.
- Fixed dash charge animation not working under certain conditions.
- Fixed status effect animation cycling on health bars.
- Added missing localization for the move list.
- Fixed bug causing strong camera shaking during the last boss.
- Fixed the wrecking ball sometimes breaking.
- Fixed the "network console" and "waiting for player" panels not fading out correctly.
- Fixed online synchronization issues with the rage gauge bar.
Post edited October 12, 2018 by londonfilmgeek