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I'd like to know when Spacechem will be published on and what the price may be. Since you already make promotion (at least as a side node, and it is listed in the catalogue) for the game, it would be in your (and mine) interest to publish soon.

Two days ago Steam had a 50% offer which I rejected, but tested the game in the demo. It's marvellous and I can't wait to see it here. :-)
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No answer? Is the release date unknown? Or is there still the possibility of not publishing it on Gog? I’m still playing the demo and it’s so fascinating. :)
Agreed, after turning down Steam's offer seeing coming soon and TBA for a few weeks is starting to chafe.
I really hope they'll get it out already. It's annoying to see all these other games get released while spacechem ambiquously states "coming soon".
I found out about this game a few days ago and already the "TBA"/"coming soon" is driving me nuts. I'd love to buy this from gog, let's hope they release it before another sale happens elsewhere!
Another solution would be buying it directly on Zachtronics Industries homepage. It costs 10$, and I presume that you could only save 1¢ on Apart from that, the developer version includes additional Linux and Mac editions. Maybe when I finished the demo and being impatient, I might buy it there …
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now you can buy the game on steam