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These segments were both brutal and annoyingly frustrating in their simplicity until I figured out the gimmicks,

Firstly, there IS a cover system, but it’s made useless by the fact that if the enemy knows where you are, they are charging for you. Sometimes strafing to and fro. Especially in later chapters, you’ll have multiple baddies rushing to your perch in a suicide run, and within seconds they’re on top of you.

Perfect situation for the shotgun, right?! No. Shotgun is useless. Yes, it can 1-shot weaker enemies from up close. But the firing rate isn’t feasible. Just pretend the shotgun doesn’t exist.

Ducking makes a huge different in the enemy’s ability to hit you. Even out in the wide open, if you just duck down, they will miss often!

The 2nd best weapon is your default pistol. Hold down the Left Mouse Button, it fires automatic! There is an Uzi-style auto pistol, but it’s not as powerful as your default pistol and the fact that your default pistol acts automatic makes the weaker Uzi-style auto pistol completely unnecessary.

The true treasure is the rifle. Right Mouse Button click once to use the scope, and again to go back to normal view.

Every map has places you can perch. For instance, on one ship map (which always has you starting in the area with 2 rifles) you can grab the health, jump on the platform and perch JUST BEFORE where you jump to pick up armor. While ducking, you can use your scope to snipe enemies (including the boss!) and they can’t see you to retaliate.

I promise you, every map has such a place. It may take a few tries to learn where they are.

The only exception is the map towards the end that has molten metal (lava). You’ll know it when you see it. The trick on those levels is to find the enemy, take a few shots, then run to a teleporter, and repeat.