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I got this on steam, but it was the very last game I will purchase on steam. I only got it there because it wasn't here and I wanted to "Let's Play" it for youtube at the time.

Well I did (yay me) but I really would have loved a DRM free version and here it is! I'll have to wait for it to be on a massive sale in order to justify me buying it again (as I've unlocked everything on the steam version).

The game is good. I wrote a review on it, but damn if that review block is too small to really write anything! (grr!)

I give the game 5 stars because for what it offers, it delivers it very well. Though the game has virtually zero replay value, many games can suffer that fate and I can't say I hold that against a game, if the time you did play the game, you enjoyed it and got your money's worth.

This game is worth your money. Taking the tower defense genera and putting a new twist on it is very hard to do and in that, the game is remarkable.

I just wish you could skip the 'start mission cut-scene' or the in-mission cut-scenes. Yes you can skip the dialog, but the mission cinematics play out as if you hadn't, so why skip the dialog when it doesn't make anything any faster?

Also there is no in-mission pause feature.. zero! That's unheard of in a tower-defense game! I was really frustrated at the game, at times, for not letting me pause so I could build/upgrade, and consider options. But the missions are static, so if you fail, you can retry and will know what is coming <~ that's the same for any tower defense game, like Kingdom Rush, so that's not criticism.

Share your thoughts on the game, too. ^_^