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Whenever I'm fighting a pirate, he always seems to make it to a nearby planet or station and dock before i can finish him off. He'll sit there for a few days and repair fully, then take off and land again right away if I attack him. This has cost me a number of 15,000cr missions because the time keeps running out because of his seemigly infinite cash. I'm blasting away at him with 3 fully upgraded mass cannons and a slow gun to keep him in range. Is there a way to kill him while he's docked or do I need to wait for him to take off, then hope I get lucky and he makes a break for it instead of landing and repairing all over again?

I outclass these guys in every way (weapons, hull, speed), so I feel I shouldn't have any trouble taking them out.
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You might try to enlist the help of the other ships in the system. Use the communication option to ask everyone else to help you and if the target is a bad enough guy, some of them will pitch in to help if they're close enough.
SweenMachine: I outclass these guys in every way (weapons, hull, speed), so I feel I shouldn't have any trouble taking them out.
If you keep chasing him, he'll eventually run out of money for repairs and try to make a run for it out of the system (or at least, this is how pirates behave in SR1, I assume it's the same in SR2). So you will eventually get to kill him, but it's hard to do it within a short time limit. It might be better to take the lower pay grade that comes with a longer time limit.
Awesome, I was afraid NPCs would have unlimited funds like they do in some other games. Cool I cvan eventually wear him down, thanks for the heads-up!
I chased this one pirate like 3 or 4 times in a sector doing this. Darn fool got arrested the last attempt and I had a good chuckle, even if I didn't wack him. XD

The icing on the cake would be if the player character or npc's getting arrested would have the ship auctioned off or sold piece by piece. When out of jail a bare bones cheap ship would be provided without weapons. Meaning go fetch and harvest junk ya filthy hooligan!! lol

That plus planetary genocide would be an improvement as well. This would make all those liner class ships to transport new people to and from planets. It would also create a need for a carrier class troop ship which would have a new game play system allowing planetary warfare. Making those titles your character gets some what important as to impose the level of involvement in planetary warfare.

I would guess it would look like a planet and a jigsaw of land mass. similar to the starmap. The player and other teams would move about troops in this map like chess pieces =D