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We've updated the build on our file server to Space Rangers 2: Reboot. You should have the new game on your shelf now, if you have already purchased Space Rangers 2: Dominators. Also, we're putting the Reboot on sale for 48 from now.

If something goes awry, please let me or Support know.
vertex: I'm confused - my account states "updated" now, but it's the same version that I downloaded about 11 hours back.

I didn't know Space Rangers until now - so maybe I'm just confused by the delayed message?

What is "Space Rangers 2: Dominators"? I did buy the "Space Rangers 2: Reboot" and can't find "Dominators" on GOG catalogue. Am I missing something, or am I just being confused by my own lack of knowledge about this game? (-series?) Is "Reboot" the same as "updated Dominators"?

*blush* I'm afraid I might sound horribly stupid.. but if so, I'll enjoy the awkward silence :D
If you bought the Reboot, you shouldn't have seen the "update" flag; we're testing the system for the first time, so there's probably a few bugs. Reboot is just Dominators + some new content and bugfixes. Dominators has been removed from the catalog, as it has been superseded by the newer version.

Hope that answers your questions.