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Oh damn! Wish I had not gotten reboot elsewhere now! I guess I will get the gog update when I have the time. Maybe I will be able to run it full screen again

The reboot hulls are pretty boss though, have fun everyone.
Well, this is a nice surprise, long time coming, but great to see it. I got Reboot from another site, but installation is a pain compared to any GOG installation, I will be reinstalling Space Rangers 2 from the new GOG download, knowing that all of my Space Rangers games will now be together, properly and painlessly installed, and working right on my new computer. Thanks a lot, you guys are the best, hands down.
Thanks for the upgrade, much appreciated.
Awesome! This is why I love GOG. You guys always do right by us gamers/customers. This is a really nice surprise. A great game now even better.

I always buy GOG games first and mostly little else except for a few titles here and there. Whenever my funds are limited and it's a choice between a GOG game and something else, GOG wins hands down because of your no-DRM policy (I've had too many systems screwed up by daffy DRM crapware) and respect for gamers/customers proven over time.

Pardon me for sounding like such a fan-boy, but you guys deserve it!
Reading space rangers 2 wiki to learn more about the company and saw gog update, just like whoot! Finally I have reboot, thank you gog!