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If you are new to SR2, please do not read further beyond this sentence, less you be spoiled.

Well, I am not one for killing pirates. I don't know why, but my first play through I wanted to just play it cool, do some trading and let the universe evolve on its own. As I am playing easy to start, I knew that the rangers and military could handle their own.

On a whim, I decided to attack a pirate who was preoccupied with another ship. Imagine my surprise that along with the usual space debris, I found a treasure map! It pointed to a planet where I ran some probes and man did it have a lot of loot! (well...some loot at least!).

This was a pleasant surprise as I did not recall reading about this in any of the multitude of posts or faqs I have read.

This game sure has a lot going on under its hood!